The Extra Large Medium
Derryn Donaghey

Spiritual Boot Camp

Spiritual Medium Parties 

Victory!  Spiritual Healing

Be a hit with your firends and have a blast doing it. Simply invite over 5-10 of you friends and Derryn will come provide them with a 30 minute reading including a past life discovery fand the best as the host get your readings for FREE! These parties are the new hype and becoming very popular. Contact Derryn today for more info. 
Are you strucken by the loss of a friend or family member? Do you feel down, exhausted and confused? Spirituality through conselling, meditation and prayer may be the answer. Learn, like so many, how Derryn can help you move from being a Victim to being a Victor, and achieve Victory. Let spirit do what it wants to do and help relieve your pain and replensih it with love and positive determination. 
As a Certified Adult Educator, Derryn has created the first of its kind in Alberta "Certified Lightworker 1.0" Course. This is a 12 month course that you can join anytime. With one class a month plus assisgnments, this course delves deeply not only in Mediumship but to various types of Spiritual work. This course is mainly attended but people, like you, who have had a spiritual awakening and just want to know more about spirituality, or for th emore serious who want to explore a career as a Lightworker. 
Allow me to provide loving messages from past love ones and guardian angels.

Spirit is always around you, protecting you and guiding you. 

About Derryn Donaghey, the Extra Large Medium

Since being a young boy, Derryn has always been intuiitive. From having premitions and dreams about the future that come to fruition, or the abilty to "see" and "know" things via messages from spirit, Derryn has felt very blessed to be a "transmitter and receiver" for spirit and his clients. Derryn not only does intuitive readings, but hosts "Evening with Spirit" sessions to discuss spirituality and has created and Instructs the very informative "Spiritual Bootcamp - Certified Light Worker 1.0" course. Derryn believes in strong protection for his clients during readings and as such, is always able to provide safe loving and caring messages from spirirt to his clients. 
"We are not humans on a spiritual journey, we are spirits on a human journey"

James Van Praagh