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Call, email or DM Derryn on Facebook for more details and payment options for any of our services. 
  1. Spiritual Readings
    From connecting with past loved ones, Spirit Guides and Angels to Angel Tarot Card Readings and Psychic Readings, Derryn will make you feel very safe and comfortable with the loving messages received from the heavens.
    Many Spiritual Mediums charge around $150/ hour for sessions. Derryn works on a donation basis. He understands and supports other mediums who do charge fixed rates because readings can be time consuming, a drain on our energy and many Mediums have paid good money to get trained in their trade, so there is shame in charging fixed rates for readings. However, Derryn strongly believes that if his messages are truly from God or those in his white light, then nobody should be prevented from receiving these messages if they do not have the ability to pay. Derryn has done many readings for free or little money and he also knows that good people with the ability to pay will do so.
  2. Spiritual Bootcamp - Certified Light Worker 1.0
    Little to no standards currently exist in what constitutes a "Certified" Medium or Light Worker. As a Certified Adult Educator and Medium, Derryn is experienced in developing and instructing quality curriculum.
    The Spiritual Bootcamp - Certified Light Worker 1.0 course is a 12 month program with one per month as well as monthly assignments. The beauty of it is that you can join at anytime as the course chapters rotate and reoccur each year in the same month. As well as being a Certified Light Worker, you can challenge to be a Certified Medium as well within the course. Not everyone may chose to become a Spiritual Medium or even a Light Worker for that matter. In fact, the majority of students on the current course just joined to learn more about spirituality. As more and more of us experience Spiritual Awakenings, we want to understand more of the Universe and this course delivers it! It is very affordable too. Only $250 for the full year course and payment plans can be negotiated. That's around only $20 a Chapter and Derryn covered the cost of all print materials and hall rental. Why not join today?
  3. Spiritual Medium Parties
    Why not have a great evening with friends and invite Derryn Donaghey, The Extra Large Medium along to provide readings for you and your friends and the best part the host, your reading is free!
    Simply pull together a group of friends from 4-7 plus yourself. Contact Derryn to book a time and when you have the party, each of your friends will get a Spiritual Reading and Angel Tarot Card Reading. This can be done in an open group setting or privately at your preference. These have been all the hype of late and a great way to bring friends and spirit together. As mentioned, since you organized this and brought your friends over, your reading is FREE!
  4. Victory! Spiritual Counselling Sessions
    From Victim to Victor....learn how you too can claim Victory!
    Whether you are an athlete looking for positive energy and spiritual guidance, to a person grieving the loss of a loved one. Derryn can help you overcome your obstacles with Victory sessions. Derryn (via spirit) will help transform you from being a Victim, to a Victor and achieve Victory! Spirit does not want you to struggle or be in pain, learn how you can ascend to being the best, most positive soul, even when you are feeling your lowest. These sessions can leave you feeling so much better when spirit can help to remove some of the obstacles from your path.
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